Moving PercX to new computer

  • I am migrating to a new computer. Is it possible to get instructions on how to properly move PercX to the new computer? I am a PRO owner. Happy to discuss privately with Tech Support but I think your email is discontinued?

  • If you have a fast internet connection, the most convenient way is to just install PercX on your new computer and reactivate it like you did with your old system - you can use PercX on multiple systems so you don't need to deactivate the old computer.

    However if you don't want to redownload the entire sample content, you can move the samples manually to your new computer and then select Repair Kits in the store tab - this will create the metadata needed to load the kits on the new computer (however please be aware that this is just a workaround and not an "official option").

  • Thank-you Christoph. Also, sorry for the late response to your "Achilles" issie comment. I have uploaded a JPEG of the Expansions/Achilles folder per your request.

  • I remember the install process s for PRO involved downloading from the Store. I do not see any download instructions on my user login page. Is there a page somewhere that takes me through the download install process? I know I have to use the Standalone for part of it (buffer size, etc)

  • I imagine the downloads will reappear in the store on the new computer since it will have a different computer ID. Maybe?

  • Yes, it checks the locally available KITS against the ones you own and downloads the missing ones automatically if you press the SYNC button.

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