How can I tune my snares (or any instrument) up (to a higher pitch)?

  • I'm trying to create a marching band drumline patch. Since there are no piccolo snares (or snares pitched high), I'd like to use an existing snare and raise its pitch... I'd like to be able to do the same with the toms since there are no Roto-Toms or any high toms to use... where is the tune or pitch control/dial??

  • The pitch effect is one of the stem shape FX that can be inserted into one of the three slots on the right. Click on the plus icon then you'll see this popup:


    BTW, you can also sort all snare drums according to their pitch:

    1. Select the snare drum category on the right
    2. Move the PITCH slider to the right

    This will get you at least in the right ballpark, so you don't have to pitch them up too much.

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