Worthless to me

  • As far as I'm concerned, the PercX standalone app is worthless for anything but review of a small subset of the percussion world.

    If it requires a DAW to function even in basic modes like being able to play along with it, it should come with a strong disclaimer REQUIRES DAW FOR PROPER FUNCTIONING.

    Yeah, I'm pissed. I spent $161, which I could have used to purchase other percussion solutions that will work for me.

    Upon realizing the limitations of PercX, I asked for a refund, via an email to "orders". I received no reply. I put the whole thing on the back burner because of overwhelm at work, and I keep trying to come back to PercX to see if I can make it work - even if it's just finding a rhythm I liked which I could record as audio out to bring into my basic DAW, (which doesn't support PercX- the version that does is over $250), but all I got was Matrix Revolutions - everywhere.

    I really don't know how PercX gets away with promoting itself as some kind of ultimate percussion tool when it serves such a small subset of the percussion world.

    I read a review that noted "... Auddict’s new proprietary sample playback engine, PercX (VST/AU/AAX/ Standalone) is a multi-track percussion ROMpler currently aimed at soundtrack and media producers, with more pop/dance-orientated content in the pipeline, we’re told. "

    Gosh I wish PercX had told me, before I bought the damn thing, that itwas limited to soundtrack producers.

    For those of you getting full value from PercX because you are set up to do so - more power to you.

    I repeat my request for a refund.

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