Record problem, sound disappears

  • Hey folks, new to PercX, so may be a dumb question. When recording my own pattern, I go into the edit page and delete everything using the reset button (bottom Left corner above the undo button). When I do this, the sound no longer plays. I need to go back into Mix, and put it into manual mode. Not what the guy in the PercX video does. Also, when I go into record, I hit the C2 button, but it only plays for as long as I hold down the note. I doubt I am expected to hold down C2 and play the rhythm (again, not what the guy in the video does). I get around it by holding down sustain pedal. is this the method? Doesn't say to do that anywhere. Using Mac High Sierra within Logic Thank you

  • I thought I was the only one. I have to hold down the C2 button (I do not have a sustain pedal). Have been searching to find an answer.

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