Recording Your Own Patterns In PercX

  • Hello Tech,
    I'm following a tutorial that shows how to record your own patterns.

    1. You need to be in Edit A or Edit B
    2. You engage the icon that clears the current pattern
    3. Select a track that you want to record onto
    4. You engage the REC button
    5. You hit the C key to trigger the entire pattern. You should hear the pattern play along with a click track.
    6. Record your pattern by hitting the corresponding key on your keyboard.

    Issue Having:
    The problem I'm having is that when I hit the C key to start REC mode, record mode doesn't start. I'm having to physically hold down the C key in order for this to work. In the tutorial both of his hands are free for recording. Any ideas why hitting the C key is not starting REC mode?

    I'm in Logic Pro X, iOS 10.13.6. Thanks for your help.

  • Yes, this is true, the recording function is coupled to the playback which has to be started and stopped with the C keys. However if you don't want to hold C while recording, you can also use the sustain pedal, then it will record for as long as you hold down the pedal, which might be more intuitive.

  • Hello again, I tried holding down the sustain pedal to get this to work. Two issues I see with this:

    1. You have to press and hold the pedal first, then the C key.*
    2. There is no pre-roll or pre-count to give you time to setup to get ready to play your pattern. If you wanted to record something on the downbeat it would extremely challenging to do so.

    And, If you reverse this order (hit the C key first and then press the pedal), It looks like its recording but when you release the pedal nothing has actually recorded into the pattern. This sounds like a bug perhaps? Hopefully this is something that can be addressed in an update where it isn't necessary to hold down a sustain pedal to try to get this to work and/or you can set up some sort of count-off so you can prepare yourself to start playing your patterns?

    If there is something that I did not fully understand in your explanation please let me know. Thank you for your help with this.

    NOTE: The person demonstrating PercX (in what appears to be one of Auddict's official tutorials) doesn't mention this as he describes this section of the tutorial.

    PercX Walkthrough Here On YouTube (03:44 minutes into the video)

  • And with me not having a pedal makes it even harder to record😧

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