Collections / Samples Disappeared from Perc X

  • Hello, I installed Perc X (and all expansions) successfully a few weeks ago and everything was working fine.

    However, now when I load perc X, none of the kits seem to load from the browser (middle column), and also none of the single instruments (from the right hand browser) load either, and i receive the message "the sample directory does not exist'.

    I have tried going to the store section of the plug in and then clicking the account icon, and doing both the 'repair kit' function and also the 'validate sample data" function, both of these yield no results after restarting perc x, and I am still faced with the inability to load any kits.

    Also, in the account section of the store, i have followed the link 'show app date folder' to check the location of the data. When I open this folder I can see the collections / kits, however when I check the 'sample' folder of each kit, there are no files within that folder..could this be the issue?

    How would I fix this problem?


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