Studio One Workaround for Playback in Sample Mode

  • In two minds about this purchase. Workflow and the functional capability of PercX is obviously really nice. But, apart from triggering PercX with a C0 MIDI note every 8 bars or so (or using manual mode), there is just about no way to trigger/sync playback with a DAW - except for the following simple workaround in Studio One.

    Simply drag the PercX MIDI track with the C0 trigger to an audio track which exports the PercX pattern to audio. Playback of the audio export is then completely in sync with the rest of the track.

    Use muting to basically multi channel export.

    PercX clearly has serious flaws with playback. When can we expect a fix for this problem?

  • Hi there,

    PercX should sync perfectly with your DAW without requiring any audio export, and actually we haven't experienced any kind of syncing issue AFAIK so this is a weird one. What are you finding, that there is a delay? the tempo goes out?

    Regarding multichannel export - you can route instruments to different tracks, although I think this isn't quite what you're after, let me know regarding the above

  • @Dorian-Marko if you don't start the playback at the start of the C0 midi trigger then PercX makes no sound. That's super annoying because usually i make the start point at some arbitrary location which will miss the C0 MIDI trigger note, and thus no sound produced by PercX. It's a huge flaw in PercX. This is in Sample Mode not Manual Mode. I think I have to switch to manual mode for future work. I was using Sample Mode as a beginner. Probably a bigger problem perhaps is that PercX doesn't allow you to drag sample patterns into the DAW as MIDI patterns.

    PercX suffers from at least these 2 flaws.

  • I just bought this a couple of days ago and have no idea how to get it to sync with my DAW's timeline. Would really help if there were a tutorial explaining how to get this to work in a DAW. The manual talks about how you can route the output to various tracks in the DAW but HOW do you set that up? I created an instrument track in Studio One 4 and assigned Percx. I've tried every way I could think of to route to one of those tracks. If I play my DAW's timeline, nothing plays in Percx. How the heck do you use this?

  • @swampthang you have to play the MIDI note C0 to trigger playback and hold that note as long as you wish playback to continue ... it's an awful workflow for a rhythm machine to function like this. This is my point in this post.

  • Ahhh, ok. So I just go in and draw a C0 midi note wherever I want it to play. So, I could separate out tracks and use the separate midi notes as well. Thanks for the clarification. I think this was such a simple thing to the creators of the plugin that they assumed everyone would get that. It's a rather unorthodox way of setting up a plugin but I get it now.

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