Master solo woodwings missing material

  • Hi! Some problems. I downloaded the packages, no problems there, but then unzipping seemed to work less optimal. I tried Winrar and 7Zip, both gave me some "corrupted files" messages. Now when I'm playing the libraries, I have some errors in the instruments (full list below).
    The playable parts of the instrument sound fabulous. Much respect for that achievement. (I'd probably buy more products right away if not having this start with Auddict...)
    I have many other libraries from f.ex. Spitfire, NI and Audio Imperia. Never had a problem like this before.
    I hope there's a fix available for this thing. Would be nice to play the instruments fully. 🙂

    Piccolo – trills not working, otherwise good
    Flute – trills not working at all, otherwise good
    Clarinet – trills missing notes, otherwise good
    Oboe – trills working partially, otherwise good
    Bassoon – trills working partially, otherwise good

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