TRYING to get PercX creations from plugin to Logic Pro X. Cannot get it to record, import, etc.

  • I have been watching videos, tutorials, etc. and experimenting for hours. I can get patterns, beats, etc. in PercX, but when they are imported to MIDI, they are just basic samples that will align with the plugin. Furthermore, I can't record from the VST to the DAW. In any given situation, I cannot get ANY beat to sample into Logic. I am not sure what I'm missing here, but a simple tutorial or directions to get my pattern into Logic (whether preset, randomized, or made from scratch) would seem to be ... logical. There are no instructions anywhere on how to get a pattern made in PercX into Logic Pro X.

    Everything else makes sense and this seems like a cool piece of software, but if I can't get it in my projects, it's useless. If I record in Logic, it HEARS what I make in PercX... but it does not record it whatsoever. Furthermore, my MIDI files are just basic files for me to use as triggers with a controller... which, is pointless... I want what I made in the plugin....

    I am using Catalina. Macbook Pro. Just downloaded PercX. Got it to load in Logic, but that's about it. Otherwise... it's a cute waste of my $160.

    Please help. Thank you.

  • Can you elaborate what you mean by "get it in your project"? You treat PercX just like any other VST instrument with an arpeggiator: create a MIDI clip with one long C2 note that triggers the pattern, then PercX will play in sync with your DAW's project.

    BTW, the next update will include a drag and drop function that you can use to actually have the rhythm inside your DAW's MIDI clips, so if you prefer editing the MIDI in your DAW and don't bother about small inconsistencies with preroll samples, this might be something for you.

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