About the [Blueprint] topics

  • Hi everybody,

    this subforum is dedicated to sharing user presets made with PercX. We'll kick this off with a few topics that leverage the kit generator's blueprint feature.

    What is a Blueprint?

    Since PercX 1.1.0, there is a KIT Generator which allows you to create new material. The settings of this generator can be saved as individual file and can be considered as blueprint for the generated material - musical rules and filters that nudge the generator's output into a certain genre / musical context. Hence it can be considered as some type of "meta-preset" (a preset that spits out other presets).

    In this subforum you'll find some topics which have the word [Blueprint] in it. These topics will contain a blueprint file along with some example outputs.

    You are of course free to share your blueprints. If you do so, please stick to the following rules to make it consistent for the reader:


    • one blueprint per topic, attached as XML file.
    • a description of the blueprint and the intended musical context
    • if a certain input is required (eg. a rhythm on the first track that will be used to generate the rest of the tracks).
    • up to 5 presets that were generated with this particular blueprint (as PercXSnippet)
    • audio demos (optional) of each preset.
    • no fx, no post processing, no mixing. The idea of that topic type is to demonstrate what the kit generator is able to do. The only allowed operation is to regenerate individual tracks.

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