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  • Hey there…have you all just abandoned this site and/or your sample libraries?
    If so, please email and let your custmers know.
    I have sent numerous emails as well as put up a couple of posts on the tech support section of your site.
    I have also tried to log in to my account on the site and it is now rejecting my email/PW…and when I request a new one, since something has gone wrong, a new one never comes.

    Would be great to get any info, even if it’s “we’re no longer in business” or “no one is currently monitoring the site” so that we know where this is at with you all.


  • I have had the same trying to log into my account..... will not accept my PWD (although I know it is correct as I use a BitLocker)

    C'mon Auddict!!

  • @StevenA @Mulder

    Ahh, i guess i know what the problem is.. We recently put a link to the Account quite prominently on the frontpage of

    This might have led to the impression, that the Auddict Account would work for every Auddict instrument, which sadly isn't the case! The Account system was introduced especially for PercX, and till now, only gives you access if you are an owner of PercX.

    Also emails to reset the password for the Account without owning PercX, will lead to no return email, because no Account was created in the first place. (It only gets created when buying PercX).

    Apologies for giving this wrong impression! We might definitley think about making the Link to the Account less prominent, or indicate more specifically that it only works in connection with PercX.

    All the best!,

  • @do - I really don't think this is the issue.... as I own the full version of PercX

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