Plugin not showing in Ableton

  • Hey dear Auddict Community,

    I bought Perc X yesterday and installed it, but I cannot find it anywhere in my Ableton Plugins list.

    I am not a newby when it comes to this and I have worked aroundvarious issues regarding plugin installation over the years.

    Is there anything in particular I should mind when installing it?
    Did someone have similar problems?

    I would love to have a quick reply.

    Dear regards,

  • Dear @Bensos,

    Hmm, curious. Just tested, and it should works fine in Ableton right out of the box..

    In the PercX installer you get asked where to put your 32 / 64 .dll versions of PercX separately, did you perhaps select a different folder, than the one scanned in Ableton?


  • Actually we dont ship a 32 bit version anymore, so if you‘re running the 32bit version of Ableton, there‘s your problem.

  • I had a similar problem. I am using 64bit Ableton. The 64bit plugin was in the right folder. I had to reselect the folder and rescan it before Ableton picked it up.

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