Restoring 'sample location folder' after thinking this would be where we save the creation of our own samples on PercX

  • Hi, all the samples I downloaded won't upload after I changed my sample folder thinking this would be where I would save my recordings and sample creations to my external hard drive rather than my computer. Well, now the samples won't load and I need to know how to restore. I haven't moved any of the PercX files as they were uploaded to my computer all in the same folder. Please help so I can get back to work.
    Kind regards,

  • Dear @SphericSenseS,

    Well, i guess the best way is to change the Sample Folder, back to where your samples were downloaded at the beginning.

    If there are any errors, you can try the "Repair Kits" and "Validate Sample Data" Options by clicking on the little Account Icon in the Store.

    Please let me know if you can fix the issue, or if you need further assistance.


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