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  • Hi. I'm looking at PercX in the moment, seems to be a very exciting product. But I struggle with finding out how to work with it in Cubase, which is my preferred DAW.

    Given a song with a complex structure, needing some intros, fills,... What I usually have, is a kind of sample player included as an instrument, driven by a midi track. Editing the midi track creates variations. However confortable that might be: All needed data is stored within Cubase.

    PercX seems to have a different workflow. I have to create tracks for the 1st parts of my song. Record them to Cubase as audio. If I don't forget, I export that tracks to midi files to have access to them later. Then go to the next part of my song.
    If I need to apply changes, I need to import my midi tracks for the song part to edit, try to find my instruments again and record the new resulting audio to Cubase.

    But, important point seems to be: There is no way to have all involved data used by PercX stored in Cubase, right in my song. Correct? With the only exception, that my song does not exceed a limitation of 4 parts, implemented as "Variations" - if I manage to record the trigger keys for them.

    To be honest, that would hurt...

  • What you need is a drag to DAW function. This has been the Nr. 1 request from users and has been added in the latest update:

  • Wow, that sounds really useful. Even though I read through the manual, I did not understand that this is the solution for my problem!


  • ... and so I bought percX!

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