Can not load kits anymore

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    sven 15 minutes ago

    Perc X was working fine. Suddenly I cannot load the kits anymore. As if the files are not found. They are all there listed. But when I push the LOAD button nothing happens. I'm looking forward for your advice.

  • @sven
    Me too! Not a great thing thing to happen to an existing session that I need to complete ASAP style. Think it has to do with a Windows update.

  • Are you using the standalone version of PercX? There's a glitch that the waveforms will not be rendered if you don't have a valid driver running.

  • No, I'm using it in my DAW - Cubase 8. I just found out that the content of the sample folder that goes with percx dissappeared. I don't know how that happened. But that might be the cause of the problem...

  • Not sure how they could have disappeared, but you can download them again pretty easily. Just go to the store tab click on the account icon, then choose Repair Kits and follow the instructions.

  • @Christoph-Hart all is working again. Thanks!

  • I am also having this issue - Perc X said "computer not registered", I have logged back in on both the VST version and the stand alone application, but it is showing no kits available.

    I opened up a project that had multiple instances of Perc X running and now none of the kits or customisations are showing..

    Please help!!

  • I'm panicking a little... I completed a song a while back and re-loaded it to listen to it again and no drums (percx). =O I too see there are no drums listed when I open the percx so I am following the instructions re-download again. I see the kits when I browse to the steinway folder on my computer but it's not loading them! I hope my custom kit comes back for this song when it's done.... 😞 Panicked!

  • Have you tried the "Repair Kits function"? If the sample files (the .ch1 files) are in the folder you specified at the activation, you can update the metadata without redownloading the samples by going to the store tab, click on the account icon and choose "Repair Kits".

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