MIDI files not accurately reproducing the loops/phrases

  • When I drag-drop a MIDI file out of PercX into my DAW (Logic 10.4.6), the MIDI file doesn't faithfully reproduce the loop. All the velocities are at maximum, but the source loop has more dynamics. I've adjusted the DYN control, but that doesn't make the performance sound like the original source loop.

    For example, I loaded Desert Travels and then chose the third loop, Distant Dhol Ensemble. This loop has some lower velocity/dynamic hits, but when I dropped the MIDI file into my DAW, the hits all sound at the same velocity. Lowering the velocity in the MIDI region doesn't accurately create the same performance either.

    Thanks for any help!

  • Hi and thanks for the detailed explanation of this issue. I'll try to look into it next week - normally the velocity values should be exported properly, but I'll take a look what went wrong there.

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