Using DAW to playback

  • Hi, Really considering purchasing PercX - sounds great! My biggest hangup at the moment is about the sample loop vs. manual mode - I would prefer to use the MIDI piano roll in my DAW (Cubase) to control the sounds (like any other VST instrument) - for me this is simpler.
    Firstly, can I do this?

    and Second, if I do, how do I trigger the different round robins of the same instrument, and then control the other instruments (believe there are 8 to one instance)?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi there,

    with the most recent update (1.2.0) you can drag any MIDI pattern into your DAW and edit it there, so if that suits your workflow better, I'd recommend doing this.

    For a detailed control over which round robin to trigger, you'll need to stay inside PercX for the MIDI editing though. However there is one little trick to make it at least consistent and that is to use a single CC message (I think it's CC#99 at 127) that will reset all round robin indexes. If you inspect any MIDI clip that has been exported from PercX you'll notice that they all contain this CC message at the beginning in order to make sure that the RR index will not change if you stop the playback and restart and random positions.

  • Hi Christoph,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am trying to read the manual and understand the "pre-roll" issue...

    In other VST instruments I have the option to turn off the pre-roll for performance and editing, then when I am finished, I can switch the pre-roll back on for the instrument (which pushes it out of time, say 125ms), then using the MIDI controls on Cubase, I can set the MIDI to run 125ms faster, which pulls the timing back in perfectly.

    How do I achieve this with PercX?

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