Percx 64 VST Plugin Will Not Show In ACID Pro Suite When Loaded

  • When I load the PercX plugin in ACID Pro Suite it will not show no matter what I click on.
    It says "The buffer size 256 is not supported. Use multiple of 8."


  • @kipj1 I found out you have to load another virtual synth like Kontakt to get the virtual synth popup window to show then load the PercX VST plugin and then PercX shows inside where Kontakt was just drawn.

  • @kipj1 This is a hack to get it to work not a fix. "It's really a bug".

  • Dear @kipj1

    Ah, there we have the "crackling" sound. Some DAW hosts support a "floating" buffer size, that isn't divisible by 8. (e.g Fruity loops). This setting messes with PercX engine which need a straight buffer to function properly.
    I guess that the Kontakt container, somehow fixes the floating buffer size to fixed value, but i dont know ACID good enough.

    Perhaps you can fix this issue by choosing a different buffer size in the settings of ACID.

    Thanks for your feedback!


    (especially weird because 256 is divisible by 8 :))

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