How to write perc x to a channel.

  • I would like to ask if someone knows how do I insert the drums I have made in perc-x to an audio or midi channel in my DAW so I can use it as a loop in a song. I have tried drag and drop but it does not work. Is there another method?

  • @Elichord - Hi, I had a bit of trouble with this and suggest you take another look at the manual - You need to select which of the 8 tracks you want to "drag", the little "targets" or "triangles" (depending if they are triggers or patterns) under the drag box tells you which ones are going to be copied - by default, none are selected.

    Once you have done that, either drag the trigger clip

  • sorry - hit send too soon!!

    ... Once you have done that, you can drag either of the clips to your DAW, and then open the piano roll and you should see it there.

  • @Nickren Yes I found it with a little help from the manual. Thank you very much.

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