MIDI clip drag and Ableton Live

  • Currently when dragging a clip from PercX to Ableton Live, it automatically also adds a tempo change to the underlying song for the duration of the clip. Is there a way to disable this? In other plugins where MIDI clip dragging is a feature, the clip does not include MIDI tempo information and this mode of operation should be the default in PercX as well. The tempo of the clip seems to always be 7,5 BPM.

  • Dear @hexaeder

    Jes, we also stumbled upon this when testing the latest version.. Sadly there is not much we can do about this, because the automatic tempo adaptation is done on the side of Ableton. The good thing: This only applies when you open a new Ableton project and haven't set a tempo by yourself, yet. After you fumbled around with the projects tempo, the drag-midi-to-Ableton should work fine and not automaticically change the tempo.


  • Actually there is.

    The tempo event is not mandatory in the MIDI file format, and will be assumed to be 120 if it's missing. When importing a MIDI clip in Ableton Live, if the tempo event is not found in the MIDI file, tempo automation changes are not created. The same goes for time signature, 4/4 is assumed and no signature changes are made in the DAW.

    And even if you wanted to keep the tempo and time signature events in the exported MIDI files, it would be better to at least apply the current host tempo into the clip that is being dragged instead of some arbitrary number, which, to be honest, looks like an uninitialized variable or just garbage from memory.

  • @do And regarding whether this only affects projects where the tempo has not been set, that is untrue. The dragged MIDI clip will always affect automation of the tempo in Ableton Live.

  • @hexaeder

    Ahh, you're absolutely right.. It still tries to import the clips tempo information. Thanks for reporting, We'll definitely try to address this in the next update!


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