Many Samples are missing

  • Hi, I'm getting this message when loading some of the kits.

    "The Sample Kits_Arrr_05 ALL THE SNARES.ch1 wasn't found".

    Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Thanks, Jeff

  • Dear @jeffhefty

    Oh! Somehow PercX seems to fail to recognise the sample files.

    If you click on the little Account Symbol in the STORE Tab you can find the options to "Repair Kits" and "Validate Sample Data". Please try these out (and probably restart PercX, afterwards). Theres a good chance that this will fix these problems. (Sometimes you also may be required to SYNC again, if a kit was somehow completely broken)

    Please let me know if this works, or if i can help you out otherwise.

    Best regards,

  • Okay thanks. I'll try it.

  • Anche a me è successa la stessa cosa e non riesco a risolvere il problema.Non mi sembra uno strumento affidabile per un professionista.Certe cose non dovrebbero succedere così spesso

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