"The Audio driver could not be opened" - ASIO Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver and Exit failure

  • Hi there since yesterday I am a happy (!) user of PercX, while inside the DAW (Cubase) all is working flawlessly I cannot work with the standalone version due to audio driver issues. No other app is running. Any advise how to solve this issue?

    Next I cannot shut down the PercX standalone app, it does not close no matter what I am trying to do. The only way is using the task manager...Windows 10 btw.

    Thanks in advance. Pit

  • PS: starting with administrator rights solve the closing issue. Audio issue still persists...

  • Dear @PitDellaCasa

    Oh! Hmm, do you hear anything at all? a crackling sound?

    PercX doesn't like audio driver buffer sizes that are not divisible by 8. It works best if you take an even number (256 / 512).

    I'll take a look at that yamaha steinberg driver.. Hm, I just checked and it indeed fails to open. We'll definitely address this issue in the next update.

    In the meantime if you want to solve this, you might want to install/use the Asio4all driver.


  • I just started having the same problem with the stand-alone version with Focusrite ASIO driver. It was working previously - last time used was a week or two ago. I downloaded the Asio4All driver and Windows reports PercX is using it, but no sound and setup doesn't show the driver. I am running version 1.2 of PercX.

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