sequence triggered in reaper

  • hi, after inserting a percx as plugin in a track in reaper i trigger it with one note.

    now to my surprize the loop in percx runs endlessly, even if i retrigger it in a 3 bar loop in reaper.

    i would expect, that the percx would start form 0 anytime a new note is send from reaper (C).

    is it possible to set this somewhere in perc x > as option



  • Dear @stan

    Oh, i think there must've been a different MIDI note somewhere, because what you're describing should definitely be PercX' default behaviour.

    In the moment you have a ringing MIDI note (Percx needs an all-notes MIDI noteoff to reset to position 0), the playback will continue.

    Please let me know if i can help you out any further.

    Best Regards,

  • Make sure you don't have overlapping notes in the Reaper MIDI clip. If there is a note active, the new note will not retrigger the loop.

  • hello,
    thanx for the replies,

    but with 1 midi note which i have,
    this example should not be (you can here the rhytm changing from loopstart to loop start - somehow the sequence gets retriggered every nearest bar, not timestamp 00:00:00)


  • Dear @stan

    I just took a look and i guess I have an answer for this.

    When editing MIDI, it sometimes may happen that while you shifted or cut the note an NoteOFF MIDI Message wasnt sent to PercX. This would lead to PercX' engine to run through without stopping. (combined with a loop in reaper this would lead to your result)

    We've build a "Kill all Midi notes" in PercX especially for that. When you click on the Top of the Tempo-Clock you can Stop the playback, and reset any lost MIDI notes.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    If you've got any further question please don't hesitate to ask.

    All best,

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