showing own kits in browser

  • hi,
    i save my own seauences as expected via BROWSE and ADD
    in one new category in the left column.

    unfortunately i do not find a way to show those sequences
    anywhere in the browser, where you select the internal collections and kits.

    is there a way to create an own collection from own sequences?


  • Dear @stan

    Ahh, Yes, i understand why one would like to do that. But from the engine side this is sadly not possible. The Kit browser is reserved for all the original kits with the "raw" material. (See the little dots that indicate which instrument is from which kit)
    When this functionality would be somehow mixed with the Presets from the PresetBrowser, things would get messy very quickly.

    So saving patterns in the PresetBrowser, loading them up and copying/adapting these tracks might be the best way to reach them.

    Alternatively you could also export the MIDI files in the EDIT Tab to build up a little library of midi files that can be loaded into a track on demand.


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