what do i miss after few hours....

  • i am playing now with the program for several hours...

    what do i miss?

    1. permanent play within the programm in the loop (realtime editing is impossible when mouse hat to press keyboard) - i imitate it with a loop in daw, but the problem is, that than the loop in percx only restarts when a loop in daw starts again.....i want to have a permanent loop play in percx and then realtime editing ....

    2. rename of my own saved presets does not work

    3. explicite solo button per track - or i did not find it?

    4. a kind of mouse-over - play a track in a kit to hear the track sound

    5. a button at the top front end for > save and auto-number active preset to active bank (can be renamed later)

    6. direct iterate button thru active bank for loading patterns (since it is not possible to add them to the standard selection field for collections)


    1. Not 100% sure what you mean, but you can enable "sync to DAW playback" by right clicking on the tempo value. This will make PercX play as soon as you start the playback in the DAW, which might be easier to use during editing.

    2. If the internal preset browser is quirky for you, you can simply use your OS file browser. Go to the store tab click on the account logo and choose "Show App Data Directory". In there there is a folder called "User Presets" which you can edit just like any other folder.

    3. Double click on the mute button (the power button) in order to solo.

    4. You can preview tracks of a kit in the right column of the browser. Just hover over them and click on the speaker icon.

    5. Not sure what you mean. An autosave function? This is rather uncommon for a plugin, but you can simply use a DAW with an autosave function.

    6. Also not 100% sure what you mean. Can you explain that a bit more?

  • hi christoph, thanx for your quick reply .
    first sorry, i am not english native, so sometimes i do not express correctly or clear enough....i wil try:

    1. permanent loop:

    at the moment you either hold a key with the mouse on the virtual keyboard or run the daw (as i do) in a loop.
    but here is the problem : when you change a kit , the restart in percx waits till the new start of the loop in the daw (here: reaper)
    and especially in the standalone version a permanent play inmediately reacting to changes on tracks would a great improvement (just like a sequencer)

    1. good tip, thanx ....but anyway - can you confirm, that the rename does not work ?

    2. thanx !

    3. yes : but while editing 8 tracks in the composer window i hear a sound and i would like to now, on which track it is - i would stop, mouse over a track and hear....something like that - so i do not mean preview in collection browser, but in the composer window, after the samples were already inserted on tracks

    4. following situaton : the randomizer is a really nice tool (remainds me of similar program on atari st, i used) and it generates very often interesting combinations of sounds.
      now i like to concentrate on sound in that mpoment and do not want to have to go thru this !more clicks & naming" procedure after every new generated sequence.

    so my workflow would be : randomize > if , ok press "save button" > percx writes this with autonaming (datum / index) to a preset directory (more sophisticated : user-defind prefix + autoindex)

    workflow : randomize / ok > 1-click-save / not ok > randomize / ...........

    afterwords i can go thru all this and sort and name in the windows browser ( as you wrote)

    i am programming myself a 3d.plugin and also try to generate quick 1-click-finction for fast workflow ....

    so for this an "disc"-icon next to randomize icon for a "quick save" would be fantastic !

    1. ok, let us explain:

    i have generated many own sequences. for loading them you have to clik> open another window .- select browse > select kit > scroll and click

    here selection is done

    window must be closed to play .....

    and again the whole way for the next save file

    my solution : iteration button:

    with the active directore (last selected in the left column of the selection browser):

    this button loads the saved files one after each other by 1 click and they are directly playable or even inmediately played in a running loop-play-mode......

    could be useful 🙂

    thanx and regards

    btw: i did not dive into the data structure yet. but is / or will it be possible / to integrate own samples into the randomizing system ?

    EDIT: for the solo doubleclick:

    it would be useful, if the second doubleclick (unsolo) would restore the on/off-setting which was active before . at the moment all tracks are reactivated......can you confirm ?

    EDIT 2:
    ok, so i found the preview in track after activatIng the target symbol on the left - good.
    i wished a single click on the track-wave would also preview the sound ( doubleclick opens the editor - super)

  • Hey @stan

    (deutsch geht auch falls es zu schwierig mit englisch ist..)

    1. I guess you mean something like a "Hold" button that plays the whole loop in standalone Mode all the time. (and updates all changes immediately)

    In developement we figured that in the "main use case" mode of using PercX would/should definitely be played with a MIDI keyboard. In this case the thing that you mean, would be pressing C3 and editing the samples in the EDIT TAB.
    In the moment you exchange an instrument with another one, though, you would definitely have to hit the C3 key again, because adding MIDI NOTEons on-the-fly would quickly lead to chaos.

    The thing with the loop in REAPER should definitely work (just tested it. ) (and if there are some hanging notes just click the STOP Playback on top of the TEMPO

    @1 . Confirmed, the "renaming" button has a delay in showing up in the Preset Browser.. But only if you change the Categories name. The preset renaming is functioning alright.

    Regarding stans 4:
    The decision for putting the PresetBrowser in a submenu, was a conscious decision to separate the Preset Browser functionality (saving/loading) enough from the "loading up new kits" in the Kit Browser. After a lot of tests we figured that the way it is now, would lead to the least confusion for the most users. (to the probable detriment of some power users who would want to go crazy on presets,)
    PercX is a pretty hybrid instrument in this regard.. and admittedly not perfect for every usecase.

    by 1 click and they are directly playable or even inmediately played in a running loop-play-mode......

    Did you already check out the "Variation" feature in the EDIT Tab? this lets you change the midi notes on the fly (+ CTRL automatable)


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