PercX Instrument List

  • As requested by a few users, here is a comprehensive list of all instruments included in each collection.

    Core Kits

    Category Instruments
    Metal Small Metals, Metal Taps, Zadarbell, Var Metals, Metal Rims, Tiny Tam Tam, Subby Tam Tam, Epic Cowbell, Wind Chimes, Tri Chimes, Tibettan Bowl, Tam Tams,
    Small Drums Frame Drums, Many Bongos, Muted Slaps, Distant Toms, Huge Pace Drums, Frame Drums, Flick Daiko Edges, Close Wide Bongos, HypER Bongos, Hyped Bongos, Chinese Toms, Bongo Mute, Bongo Hi, Bongo Lo M, Bongo Lo, Bongo Deep, Bongo Slap, Darbuka,
    Kit Toms Tom,
    Big Drums Big Slammer, Smacky Solo Conga, Frame Drums, Crushed Tom, Crushed Toms, Tom Cracks, Earthy Hits, Smashers, Hanging Bass, Cavern Bass Drum, Big Toms VI, Fat Drum Rim, Taiko Call, Taiko Response, Two Gran Casas, Epic Smashes, Smackers, Close Wide Taikos, Dhols, Deep Taiko, Crushed Smashes, Hyped Djuns, Hyped Toms, Deep Taikos, Woody Drum, Daiko and Tom, Deep Frames, Casas and Medieval Drums, Dhol Deep Solo,
    Snares All the Snares, Snare, Clap Snare, Ambient Claps, Snare, Huge Snares,
    Cymbals Cymbals, Gong Cymbal, Hanging China, Cymbal, Pop Ride I,
    Wood Wide Sticks, Clocklike Rims, Brushers, Taiko Rims, Slappers, Clocksticks, Super Castanets, Shaker, Guiro FX, Guiro Hits, Wood Block, Stick Delay, Resonant Rims I, Resonant Rims II, Rim Accents, Amped Sticks,
    Sfx Hi Stutter, FXed Toms, Var Destruction, Ambient Snares, Revs and Wooshes, Hi Pulse Tight, Hi Pulse Loose, Stutter Metals, Mid Ambience, Giant Revs, Broken Jack, Clap Revs, Swipey, Muted Bass Slaps, Delay Slaps, Delay Knocks, Hi Fat Drum, Revs, Trem FX, REVS, Stutter FX, Static,
    Sub Hard Sub, Sub Drops, Synth Sub Kick,
    Human Whispers,
    Hi Hat Fat Hat, Jacket Cymbal, Hybrid Hat, Sharp Hat SFX, Hi Hat,
    Kick Drums Kick, Tappy Kick, Kick,

    Cinematic Rhythms

    Category Instruments
    Sfx Revs and Spins, Stutter FX, Stutter Dist FX, Muffled Flaps, Strings SFX, Deep Amb Hit, Mid Scrapes, Dist Scrapes, Getting Further Scrapes, Fat Metal Swipes, Revs, Rev Stabs, Amb Rev Rim, Strange Ambience, Swooshes, TP Revs and SFX, TP Metal Ticker Fills,
    Metal Whoosh, Metal Crashers, Metals, Tiny Brush Huge Bell, Resonant Metals, Far Away Metal, Small Metals, Brush on Metal, Stutter Ticks, Church Bell,
    Hi Hat Tiny Tickers, Hi Hat II, Sharp Taps, Distant Scratchy, Tick Tock, Clock,
    Small Drums Fast Bongos, Log Drum Steady, Distant M Drum II, Dhols, Frame Drum Fingers,
    Wood Rims and Sticks, Subtle ST Ticks, Tiny Tick, Fast Brushes, Cajon, Rim Crashers, Var Brushes, Ambient Logs,
    Big Drums Djun Power Fills, Dhols Paced Rhythm, Big Toms, Cavern Toms, Smack Troll Toms, Distant Drums, Crush Casas, Distant M Drum I, Tom Stabs, Solo Casa, Troll Drums, Casas SQ, Taikos Casas, Soft Mid Drums, Sub ODAIKO, Close Taikos, Taikos, Taikos and Casas, Solo Woody Taiko, Muffled Casa, Tom Ensemble, Thunder Toms, Super Soft Taikos, Mine Casa, Verdi Smash, Mid Drums, Solo Gran Casa, TP Tickers, Huge Tom Fills, Furious Taikos, Huge Drum Accents,
    Sub Bass Trem, Squeaky Sub, Main Sub, Huge Bass Drum, Earthquake Sub, Pulsing Sub, Sub Pulser, Gutkick Sub, Deep Panner, Sub Synth Drum,
    Cymbals Ride I, Gong and Thunder, Crash Panner, China Cymbal, China Cymbal, Bell Trill, Small Bell,
    Snares X Snares, Rolling Snares, Many Kit Snares, Snare Rolls Distant, Snare Rolls, Snare Rims, Distant Snares,
    Kit Toms Tom Almost Solo, Many Kit Toms, Big Toms, Electric Tom, Many Toms,

    Hybrid Pulse

    Category Instruments
    Metal Crushed Bells, Small Metal Pulse, Gongs, Tiny Anvil Taps, Warped Metals, Chain Rhythms, Brushes and Sparkles, Wood and Metal Taps, Tiny Tiny Metal, Metals Ensemble, Metal Sheet Wide, Metal Drum, Rides, Metal Ticker, Ride Trills,
    Wood Bombo Brushes, Tickers AEO, Dry Sticks and Rims, Small Wood Sticks, Ambient Rims, Scattered Rims, Sticks Rims CLOSE, Sticks Rims FAR, Choppy, Small Sticks, Log Drum Ens, Smack Brushes, Close Wood Tocks, Filtered Logs, Bassy Clickers, Sticks and Rims,
    Kit Toms Kit Toms, Wall of Toms, Aggressive Toms, Quick Taikos, Tom Smasher, Mutilated Tom, Toms, Stabbing Toms, Rimmy Taikos,
    Big Drums Furious Taikos, Furious Accents, Extra Smash Accents, Surdos and Djuns, Epic Smashes I, Periodic Smashers, Prod Toms IV, PIII Toms, Designed Smashes, Distant Casas, Soft Huge Drums, Stag Toms, Balanced Casas, Dark Taiko Fills, Smash Soft, Smash Hard, Hordes of Toms, Solo Casa Soft, Drum Ensemble, Massive Toms, Casa Rolls, Wide Tom Flams, Sub Casa, Taikos BG, Gut Puncher Taiko, Amped Taikos, Taikos and Casas, Designed Toms, Natural Djuns, Church Surdos, Earthy Taiko, Mid Taikos,
    Sfx Massive Smashes, SFX Crash Hits, Gongs and Warps, Revs I, Metallic Trem FX, Not a Bell, Thump Piano, Guitar Scrapes, Robot Voice, Robotic Drum, SFX, Huge Dark Ambience, Glitch FX, Giant Crashes, Glitch FX, Garbage Crasher, Hvar Thunder, Scratchy III, Scratchy II, Rev, Scratchy, Thunder Sheet, Skull Crusher,
    Sub Dirty Sub Pulse, Close Casas, Sub Hits, Super Deep Panner, Sub Drum, Super Distant Bass Drums, Taikos, Ridiculous Casa, Deep Taikos,
    Snares Snares, Snares, Snare,
    Cymbals Ride, Gong Cymbal, Cymbals, Tamtam FX, Smasher,
    Small Drums Sharpy Toms, Toms, Amp Sticks, Amped Muted Hits, Frames and Bongos,
    Hi Hat Roomy Ticks, Wide Dry TicksS, Oneshot Hi Pulse, Clickers II, Amped Clickers, Fast Flickers, Metal Clickers, Hi Shakers, Close Brushes, Rev Brushes, Squeaky,

    Producer Essentials

    Category Instruments
    Wood HI Brushes, MID Brushes, LOW Brushes, Deep Brushed Drums, Modified Brush, Flutter Shaker I, Flutter Shaker II, Light Taps, Rusty Clock, Log Drum, Creaky Creak, Lo Block, Hi Block, Filtered Rim, Shakers, Distant Castanets, Shaker Hits, Wide Rutes, Small Smaker, Mid Shaker,
    Small Drums MASSIVE Solo Tabor, Frames High, Frames Mute Slap, Crasher Drum II,
    Metal Tambourine, Cowbell Duo, Misc Metals, HI Metallic Taps, Wide Metal Rims, Crasher, Sistrum, Metals II, Metal Sheets, Tiny Metal, Metals III, Tambourine,
    Human Quick Claps, Fatter Claps, Crush Claps, Claps,
    Kit Toms Mid Toms, Low Toms, Killer TomKick, Solo Tom, Crusher Toms, Staggered Toms,
    Kick Drums Fluffy Sub, Decimated Kick, Kick ONE, Kick, Xtra Kicks, Flappy Kick, Kick ANIMAL,
    Hi Hat Hi Ticks, Staggered HI Taps, Tight Hat, Bass Clicks, Hi Hat 2, Roomy Hat, Hi Hat, Hi Hat,
    Snares Dry Rolls and Hits, Snares, Big Snare, Snom, Snare, Snares and Claps, Slaps, Snare, Huge Snares,
    Big Drums Deep Toms, Mid Toms, Crack Toms, Main Toms, Cave Bass Drums, Taikos IV, Taikos V, Taiko Combo, Congas and Dhols, Mid Huge Drum, Smasher, Wide Toms, Taikos Wide, Deep Ensemble, Frames Low, Taiko Mid Soft, Casas, Conga Drum, Mid Drum Huge,
    Sfx Clickers, Screamer Trem, In Out Trem FX, Metallic Thumps, Fat Revs, Glitch FX Mid, Clunky Clunk, Tappy FX, Skull Crusher, Brushes Swiped, Delay Brushes, Thunder, Low Crushes, Reverse SFX, Vinyl Scratch, Rough Rubs, Scissor Brushes, Thumpers, Thwacks,
    Sub Heartbeat Sub, Synth Sub, Sub Hits, Sub Crusher, Muffled Deep Drum,
    Cymbals Cymbals, Jacket Cymbal, Ride II, Ride, Loose Ride,

    Traditional X

    Category Instruments
    Big Drums Taiko Trio, Lone Taiko, Soft Smack Toms, Bombos, Taikos, Bass Drum, Dragon Casa, Crack Djuns Dhols, Chunky Drum Sync, Deep Tom Dotted Delay, Distant Casas, Distant Dhol Ensemble, Dhol Ensemble, Casa Smack, Crushed Tribal, Taikos II, Wide Taiko, Church Surdos, Chinese Tom Trio, Solo Taiko II, Fat Solo Taiko, VI Taikos, Taikos VII, Gigantosaurus, Sticky Taiko, Deep Drum, Conga, Djembe Bass, Dry Hand Drums, Mid Tribal Drum, Deep Tribal Drum,
    Wood Brushes, Rims and Sticks, Little Ticks, Taiko Rims, Messy Taps Shakes, Messy Sticks Taps, High Sticks, Rim Army, Piano Stomps, Snap Drum I, Brush Taps, Clop Clop, Loose Woods,
    Cymbals Cymbals, Tiny Tams,
    Kit Toms Kit Tom ENS, Muffled Toms, Crusher Toms, Cracky Toms, Mid Toms, Crack Toms II, Bombo Duo,
    Hi Hat Super High Tick, Messy Mid Taps, Casa Brushes, Snaps III,
    Small Drums Bombo Brushes, Amp Bongos, Bongos Loose, Amp Heavy Bongos, SQ Muted Fills, Close Bongo Fingers, Four Bongo Players, Dhol and Various, Tabor Dry, Distant Bongos, Chinese Toms, Taiko Offset, Congas, Bongos Light, Bongos III, Bongos V Edges, Bombo Brushes, Log Drums, Conga, High Bongos, Djembe Closed Slaps, Djembe Open Slaps, Darbuka, Congas Muted,
    Sfx Stutter FX, Eerie Stutter Vox, Deep Scrapes, Giga Revs, Scratchy Scratchy, Dry Swipes, Swooshes, Cavern Growl,
    Metal Thunder Sheet FX, Heavy Metal Shakers, Thunder Sheet, Cymbs Ticks FX, Sparkly Metals, Metal Ticker, Metal Sheet Taps, Metal Pings, Metal Rims, Chain Shaker, Sistrum, Hiss Ambience, Ambient Tibettan Bowl,
    Sub The One Casa, Soft Spikey Sub, Sub, Simple Sub,
    Snares Massive Snares, Extra Rolls, Animal Snares, Kit Snares, Rock Snare,

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    Any chance this could be made into a pdf so we could put it into Acrobat Reader please?

  • Sure, here it is just pasted into a online Markdown 2 PDF converter:

  • RAW Drum Kits

    Category Instruments
    Kick Drums Plain Kick, Karl Stuffed, Stuffed Wood 22' Kick, Slap White BD, White Soft Tap, Tong Kick, L-Kick inner, Dead Wood Kick, Wump Kick, Tappy Kick, L-Kick Slap, Dark BD Taps, Kick White Open, Purple Soft Tap, 18' Ring Kick, Snark Kick, Roomy Wood Kick, Duff Kick, Wood Kick 22', Kick 18' Roomy
    Snares Green Snare Plain, Eimer Plain, Golden Snare Deep, High Open Snare, Wooden Ghost, 5er Money Snare, Muffled Green, Golden Exotic, White Flam, White Rim Click, White Schulti, White Open Felt, Green Rim Click, White Rim Click, White Brush, White Snare Std, Green muffled Snare, Timbales Snare, Green Rimshotty, Open Eimer, Eimer Stark, Green open, Wooden Mid Snare
    Hi Hat Extra HiHat, Italian HiHat, Mini Chick, Avenge Half-Open, Big Hybrid Hihat, Extra Dry 10', Italian Open, Avenge Tip, Extra Dry Jingle, Japanese Hihat, Italian Pedal, Hybrid Open, Italian Pedal Pang, Extra Dry Tip, Italian Pedal, Italian halfopen, Avenge HiHat Open Sharp, Extra Dry Opens, Italian Street, Avenge Top, Crash Hat Tip
    Kit Toms White HiTom, White LoTom, HiTom-L Snarry, LoTom-L Pock, HiTom Prime Muff, LoTom Prime Muff, Slap LoTom, Muffled Greek HiTom, Muffled Greek LoTom, HiTom Prime, Blue HiTom damped, Blue LoTom damped, L- HiTon, L-LoTon, Blue HiTom Felt, White LoTom Felt, Lo Ruffle Tom, HiTom-L Ring, LoTom-L Muffled, HiTom Punch, LoTom Punch, LoTom Prime 3, LoTom Stereo, HiTom Soft Open, LoTom Prime, Blue HiTom damped, Blue LoTom damped
    Cymbals Byz Crash, Ride Shot, Apple Ride, Crashinger, Dark Pure Crash, Warm Safe Crash, Dark Safe Pure, Dark Apple Shot, Multi Splash, Byz1 Crash Kick, Byz2 Crash Kick, Splash, Splash Stop, Scrash Gong, Crash Swell, Ride Swell, Byz Crash 2, Dark Ride Single Shot, Dark Swing Ride, Soft Crash, Combi Trash Crash, Swell Crash, Splash Soft, Byz Back, Byz Back 2, Dark Ride Shot
    Metal Big Tip Glock, Small Felt Glock, Red Alu Schelle, White Clickers, Schelle, Cabasiti, Schell o' dry, Small Tamb, Small Metal Shake, Plastic Shake, Triangle Big
    Wood Shigge Shaker, Glockpecker, Woody Shaker, Studio Shaker, Shaker Stick, Wood Shaker, Guiro
    Human Hi Snaps, Lo Snaps
    Small Drums Hi Bongo, Lo Bongo, Cattle Drum, Turn Drum
    Big Drums WK Drum

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