Web site does not allow purchase

  • I cannot convince your site to let me purchase PercX. The main purchase button does nothing and I cannot access "Account" because of a "Bad Gateway" error

  • Just to add a little knowledge... It seems you are receiving an error of some kind from fastspring (I think these guys are your checkout system) so it's entirely possible the issue is with them.

  • So my purchase went through last night. Everything seemed to work.

    However nothing has happened. I have received nothing.

    I check with my bank and the transaction is listed as "pending". I asked what this meant and they say that the funds are available and that the receiver (I'm assuming that is either Audduct or FastSpring) needs to request the funds.

    What can I do to speed this along?

  • Dear @RoryBecker

    First of all, a big big sorry for this messy onboarding... We had massive server problems yesterday and i was working day and night to get it back up again.

    You seem to have bought when the system was down, and the purchase didnt create a license for you.

    Fastspring therefore (our payment provider) feedbacked this to your bank.

    I'll create a license for you by hand, and send you the access links in a minute.

    Apologies, again!

    Best regards,

  • @do when do you think this will be solved?

  • Dear @stefan-kukofka

    I just sent you an email with the activation details.

    Sorry for these hiccups.


  • Hello -- this also happened to me. I purchased PercX Pro 2 days ago and received no email response at all. The charge appears on my credit card and went from pending to approved this morning. I've submitted support tickets here and at FastSpring and gotten no response. Please help!

  • @seethroughlab

    i think i found your problem. it seems that you have slighty mistyped your email address, and therefore the email couldn't reach you. I fixes this and will send you an access to the account in a minute !


  • @do It does not allow me to download the core kits. I was able to download the RAW kits only

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