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  • I purchased PercX last night and as excited and impressed I'am with the new product, I really struggled to figure out how to delete notes in the editor page. I finally came across another thread in the tech support where this issue was mentioned and someone from the Dev team kindly pointed that its Fn+Del or E for Mac OS. Now I'm struggling to use the shortcut for Undo. It says Ctrl+Z in the Info Pane. but it doesn't work. Cmd+Z triggers a DAW undo.

    Can anyone please advise on what's the shortcut for Undo/Redo. I'm running Logic 10.6 on macOS Catalina

    Right now the info pane(which is really helpful) shows all Windows shortcuts. If we can have OS specific info pane which would show shortcuts correctly according to the OS(Win or Mac) in one of the upcoming updates, It'd be really great !!
    May I also suggest putting all the macOS shortcuts in a document for the time being for Mac users.

    Totally loving PercX 👍 🕶


  • Hi VJ,

    yes, the Undo shortcut is in fact a problem - some hosts "swallow" any shortcut that is mapped to one of their functions, so eg. Ableton will undo its last change which was usually adding PercX as plugin, which is a bit disrupting 🙂

    You can at least use the buttons on PercX's UI for undo / redo in the plugin version. But I'll consider adding another pair of shortcuts to this function for the next update.

  • @Christoph-Hart
    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for clarifying. The case you mentioned in Ableton happens in Logic too, which can be deadly indeed!! 😅
    But yeah, for the time being I'am using the UI Buttons but shortcuts would be a great time saver !

    Much appreciated!👍 ☺

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