A loop player or a pattern generator?

  • Hi, and please excuse this very basic question. Part of the PercX description on the front page reads "In a single click, our intelligent algorithm will generate something entirely new. . .at random" - but this seems to apply only to creating new kits, i.e. to the selection of instruments, is that correct?

    But when when PercX plays a beat, does it it play back a specific loop, or it does create new, random beats/rhythms/patterns?

  • Dear @marek

    It does both.. The generator can switch the instruments of the kits to generate a new general arrangement, and if you out move the Parameter Map to the right (#pattern swaps) It will exchange the rythms of the different instruments to generate new patterns. Together with the Track Filter you have quite a powerful tool to nudge the generation process into your desired direction.
    (And the randomization got even better with the latest update, you should definitely check it out :))



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