Raw kits downloaded but Core kits won't

  • Hi. I recently purchased PercX with the Raw and core bundle. Upon opening, the raw kits downloaded without problem but I can't seem to get the core kits to. Syncing does nothing. When I add the core kit to the cart, it comes up $0 so acknowledges I should have access to it but I can't download it. I tried checking out with it in the cart but it just takes me through to a fastsprings page saying 'woops wrong product'. What can I do to get these kits? I'm eager to get them onto a track I'm working on asap. Thanks!

  • Is anyone from PercX able to help here?

    I got a response to the ticket saying "You should be able to download the Core Kit from the Store within the plugin itself", which wasn't particularly helpful as I know that's what I should be able to do, but the fact it won't do that is actually the problem.

  • Not sure why it ended up this way, but normally the core kits should sync automatically.

    Anyways, the simplest solution would be to download the samples manually from your account:


  • @ZeroRott Were you able to get the Core Kits? I was not able to, and I cannot figure out how to find a link to manually download either.

  • @Christoph-Hart It is not there

  • So I found the manual sample download but that still does not give me access to the core kits.

    How do I get a refund for this - I'm getting a bit sick of not actually having access to the core kits that I've paid for and I'm somewhat unimpressed by the Raw kits in comparison?

    Percx manual sample download.png

  • Also, your terms and conditions just seems to open to a blank page with no information on it.

  • Dear @ZeroRott and @bgmetivier,

    Oh my! You're absolutely right. The core-kits were missing in your purchases. I have resolved this, and added the kits to your account. Many apologies for this!
    You can download the collection with SYNCing your account in the STORE inside PercX.

    Apologies again and please let me know if you run into any issues or if i can help you out i any other ways.

    Enjoy PercX!

    Best regards,

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