Additional Tutorials Coming?...

  • Hello Auddict,
    I was wondering when you might be planning to release the next tutorials explaining the remaining features of PercX? The Walkthrough 1 and Walkthrough 2 tutorials intimated that other tutorials were to follow. Those two tutorials were released over a year ago now. Would be helpful to get some more instruction on the Control tab and the FX tab and some practical examples on using the two Mix modes and the two Edit modes together. The current manual doesn't really go into any real depth about "how to use" the plugin.

    Also any plans to be able to take advantage of all 8 channels in PercX? Like adding two more outputs (up to 16)? As of right now with just the 14 outputs available, we can only take advantage of 7 of the 8 stereo channels. Unless there is something that I am not doing properly to gain access to all 8 channels?

    Thanks for your time and Happy Holidays!

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