PercX 1.1.0 is released!

  • Hi everybody,

    today is a great day for all users of PercX because we've released the free update 1.1.0 that addresses a few issues but most importantly adds a feature that significantly improves the awesomeness of PercX: The Kit Generator.



    • added Kit Generator
    • added possibility to search all instruments at once
    • added instrument preview ability without Command modifier
    • added sample location install selector at initial dialog


    • removed 99 popups when changing sample folder before downloading the remaining kits
    • added some maintenance functions to fix corrupt downloads
    • fixed minor UI glitches
    • added Ctrl+Click to replace missing rightclick functionality on certain macOS systems
    • fix Logic sessions not restoring correctly on some systems
    • fixed certain passwords not being accepted by plugin
    • added option to disable Open GL for compatibility with older graphic cards / headless slave systems
    • fixed some normalisation issues on Logic
    • fixed right-clicking on manual mode button causing havoc
    • fixed crash on Protools when reloading an instance with a different channel count

  • First video tutorial demoing the kit generator:

  • Hi, how can I update to 1.1.0? I checked out my version was still 1.0.0 and didn't get red notification. So I went to my account in to login and download, but not available.

  • Yes, the missing red dot was actually a bug in 1.0.0, but if you log in into your account and download PercX using the Download button, you'll automatically get the most recent version.

  • @Christoph-Hart Hi, ChrIsoph. I tried the Mac 64bit version at my Auddict account, but Safari can't open the link.

  • Hmm, do you use the latest Safari browser? Or have you tried it with another browser? It looks like something is wrong with your security settings, but the files are served using standard SSL connections.

    FYI, I've removed your screenshot because it contained the direct link to the download - it's not super critical, but better safe than sorry 🙂

  • Great, but you cannot actually get a download that works.....

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