How to install United Strings of Europe

  • I downloaded the 30GB+ of .rar files and started unzipping them using RAR Extractor on a Mac Pro running OS High Sierra with 32GB RAM.

    When I unzipped the file named:
    AUDDICT United Strings of Europe - Second Violins.part01.rar

    it created a folder named:
    United Strings of Europe - Second Violins

    When I unzipped the file:
    AUDDICT United Strings of Europe - Second Violins.part02.rar

    it overwrote the same folder!

    It took soooo long to unzip just one of these I don't want to go any further without some direction on how to get this installed. I can't find ANY installation instructions anywhere. Am I missing something?

    I purchased PercX a couple of months ago so assumed this would be a similar install. Please reply ASAP.

  • I created this ticket Dec 30, 2020. It's now the end of February and still no reply? Did this slip through the cracks? I've searched for "how to install united strings of Europe" and found nothing. So I'm adding everything I've done to see if it helps someone to reply.

    I'm using a Mac Pro alt text and Studio One 4 Pro & have the latest, FULL version of Kontakt 5.

    I unzipped all the files and placed all the unzipped folders in a folder called "united-strings" (see the screenshot at the bottom). In Studio One 4 Pro I added the main folder in the VST Plug-Ins tab...
    alt text
    After it scanned the folders, which took a crazy long time, there were no errors but I knew I'd need to restart Studio One. When I restarted it took a really long time again to scan all that....
    alt text

    I started a new file and dragged the Kontakt VST to a track. USE was not in the list so I opened the Manage Libraries window and tried to add that same folder. It started scanning and ended up with Studio One becoming unresponsive.

    I'm obviously doing something wrong here. I see that there are instrument folders in each of the main instrument subfolders. Am I supposed to add these separately? A little help would be greatly appreciated. I haven't been able to use these since I bought them in December. By the way, I've also tried the same process using Kontakt AU but not able to get it working.

    alt text

  • Guys, PLEASE reply to this post. I've seen multiple replies to others. Is there something about my post that is a problem??

  • Hi,

    this forum is supervised mainly by the development team of the standalone software products (PercX and HEXERACT) but there is a support ticket system on the Auddict website that will get you to general support for KONTAKT based libraries.

    I don‘t know too much about the installation procedure for KONTAKT libraries, but normally you just need to extract the archive that you‘ve downloaded and then drag it into KONTAKT (it won‘t appear in the tab though because its‘s not a KONTAKT Player library.

  • Thanks for the reply. Where exactly is the other forum? Please share the link. I go to and click the FORUM link in the main menu and the screenshot is what i see. For now, when you say, "...extract the archive that you‘ve downloaded and then drag it into KONTAKT..." there's a huge collection of folders as you can see in the SS above. Are you saying I should drag that folder into KONTAKT? How would I do that? In the DAW? Drag from Finder?

    alt text

  • Ok, for anyone else who finds this, there is a Native-Instruments YouTube video that explains how to do this here:

    You can close this ticket.

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