How to install United Strings of Europe

  • I downloaded the 30GB+ of .rar files and started unzipping them using RAR Extractor on a Mac Pro running OS High Sierra with 32GB RAM.

    When I unzipped the file named:
    AUDDICT United Strings of Europe - Second Violins.part01.rar

    it created a folder named:
    United Strings of Europe - Second Violins

    When I unzipped the file:
    AUDDICT United Strings of Europe - Second Violins.part02.rar

    it overwrote the same folder!

    It took soooo long to unzip just one of these I don't want to go any further without some direction on how to get this installed. I can't find ANY installation instructions anywhere. Am I missing something?

    I purchased PercX a couple of months ago so assumed this would be a similar install. Please reply ASAP.

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