Hexeract no longer opens ASIO driver, then won't shut down

  • I updated to version 1.1.2 today because my 1.1.0 would not accept being set to use ASIO drivers. My other audio tools all use ASIO drivers. I don't know when this problem began to occur because I haven't had my music equipment attached in a long time, which is why I needed to get into the setup to begin with, to assign a new Kontrol S49 keyboard in MIDI.

    Hexeract will play sounds when using Windows audio through my Komplete Audio 6 interface, but when I try to switch to ASIO drivers, no sound comes out, the program interface continues to function (I can change patches, manipulate knobs, etc) but I can't close the program. I have to open Task Manager to end the program.

    I have installed the latest version both over the old version and also by uninstalling and installing the latest version. Same results with both approaches.

    Windows 10 Home 64 bit with 32 gb RAM.

  • I presume you are trying to use the STANDALONE with asio?
    No solution for that.

    I wonder if it will work if you use the VST DLL in a different ASIO host?

    This runs as an exe, so maybe you can get going.

    I'm using the VST DLL in reason 11, under my audiobox ASIO and it works ok.
    Maybe you could try another sequencer that supports ASIO ?

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