PercX - Crackle on Taiko (Bombo Barrage) Sample

  • Hello, I've been trying to track down a crackling on a track and I've tried everything from buffer sizes to muting individual drums. I finally narrowed it down to the Taikos in Bombo Barrage.

    You can hear it in the preview of the sample in the lower right window - click on big drums>Taikos (Bombo Barrage) and it happens after the 6th beat.

  • Follow up. I thought I had found the cause of the crackle. The bombo barrage taikos definitely crackle in preview. But I replaced them with Deep Taiko same with Deep Taikos (plural)and the crackle appears. I now suspect that the problem is with several of the Taiko samples. I found them on quite a few. I've replaced the 2 taiko tracks with other big drums and the crackle isn't there anymore.

    The attached file shows the bongo barrage taikos with the deep taikos together. You can clearly hear the crackles which disappeared when I replaced these drums.

    Taikos and Deep Taikos.wav

  • Dear @dijon,

    Oh! You're right. Seems like that somehow a crackling sample sneeked itself into the Samplemap. Many thanks for pointing this out!

    We'll fix this soon and update the sample-content of the Taikos. (Directly downloadable/updateable through the STORE Tab)

    Thanks again,

  • @do Thanks so much! Looking forward to it. Love this instrument.

  • Hi, I'm just following up on this. Any idea when this will be fixed? Thanks!

  • Yes we've removed the crackles, but we're waiting for the next (small) update before rolling out the changes. Should happen within the next 2 weeks though.

  • It's been 3 months since my original post. Is there a plan for fixing these crackling samples?

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