Invalid machine ID

  • When I try to load PercX, I get an Invalid Machine ID message, telling me to go to Shop and then click on Repair Kit function. But there is no such function and I don't see any Sync button either.

    What's going on and how do I solve this?

    Thanks for the feedbackpercx-error-loading-expansion-voyage-and-invalid-machine-id.jpg

  • Dear @baesil

    If you reopen PercX again you should be able to find the "Repair Kits" function by going to the STORE tab inside PercX and then click on the little Account Icon on the left side. This should open a dropdown menu where you can reset(repair) the kits after a changed machine ID (Unfortunately this sometimes happens after a major OS Update)

    Please let me know if you run into any issues and i'll help you out.

    Best regards,

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