PercX "Over-the-top is corrupt"

  • Hi there!

    Couple days ago I've decided to reset my Mac completely and update it to Big Sur.

    Reinstalling PercX went fine up till the moment of downloading kits. Plug-in got frozen and then "quitted unexpectedly".

    Ever since whenever I launch PercX either as standalone or inside of my DAW (Cubase 11), I'm getting a notification "Over-the-top is corrupt.

    I've tried reinstalling it, restarting my Mac, delete-restart-install... Nothing helps.

    Any ideas what to do in that situation?

    Screenshot 2021-01-26 at 22.15.07.png

  • Dear @RichardKerz,

    Oh! I guess the easiest way is to delete the corrupt file from the Appdata Folder.

    ~/Library/Application Support/Auddict/PercX

    You can find a folder named "Expansions" and inside it you should be able to find an over-the-top Folder. Please delete it, and re-start PercX.

    If everything starts up alright, you can got to the STORE Tab and click the little Account icon on the left. You'll find "Repair Kits" and "Validate Sample Data" Buttons. If you click them they will check and repair the sample content, and make sure that everything is in order.

    Please let me know if it works and if i can help you out further!,


  • Hallo @do ,

    there is no folder "Auddict" in ~/Library/Application Support at all...

    That's what search in all 4 folders shows:

    Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 11.40.48.png

    Furthermore, I've just installed PercX on my laptop. Everything works fine on it, but there is still no such folder...

    Best regards,

  • Hi Richard,

    if the plugin finds the corrupt expansion file, it means that the folder exists 🙂

    However sometimes the user app data folder is hidden on certain macOS systems, but you can make it show up using the Finder's Goto Folder function (Cmd+Shift+G). Please enter the exact phrase ~/Library/Application Support/Auddict into the textbox of the popup and it should show you the location (don't forget the ~ because without it it takes you to a completely different location).

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