Audio export

  • Can I export separate drum tracks to separate tracks in my daw(Cubase9)?
    Looking to create a drum bus for mixing.

  • AFAIK you don't need to export to do a drum buss mix.

    You can just assign separate outputs on each of the drum tracks in perc-x and then treat each of those in your DAW uniquely.

    If you prefer to "burn to tape" (DAW DISK) for the sound solidity, then it depends on your DAW, more than perc X.

    Use the separate outputs trick above, then depending on your DAW do a multiple track mixdown/render of those tracks. You may need to manually reimport them, or Cubase has a check box for that.

    In Reason/Protools, you can probably do "BOUNCE IN PLACE after selecting the parts, on all the tracks.

    Hope that leads you where you want to go.

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