Collections not loading in browser

  • This is a new problem, PercX having worked properly before today.

    I own 5 collections in addition to 'core kits'. All the collections display in the 'store' and have been synced. However, only 'core kits' appears in the browser. I have uninstalled/re-installed the plug-in to no avail.


    Does Auddict have direct tech support other than via this forum. I am unable to find a link if such is the case.

  • Hey,

    I just had this problem myself and I found a fix in another thread...

    "If you reopen PercX again you should be able to find the "Repair Kits" function by going to the STORE tab inside PercX and then click on the little Account Icon on the left side. This should open a dropdown menu where you can reset(repair) the kits after a changed machine ID (Unfortunately this sometimes happens after a major OS Update)"

    I did that and it worked like a charm! All my kits reappeared.


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