Syncing to DAW (Cubase) tempo track

  • Two questions:

    1. Will PercX sync to my DAW tempo track, not just a constant DAW tempo, i.e. that the main DAW tempo is changing, let's say, from bar to bar? I understand that PercX patterns will be triggered by, and will appear in my DAW tracks as, notes (DAW within a DAW) but will it follow the main DAW tempo track or just a fixed main DAW tempo value?

    2. Instead of following the exact DAW tempo track can I set it to follow automatically a multiple (say half or twice for ex.) of the main DAW tempo track? I had this feature added in some plugins from DDMF but is it built-in in PercX?

    Thanks. Sorry if this is obvious. Just checking before purchasing.

    1. Yes, the tempo will be always in SYNC with the DAW, so changing tempos between bars should update PercX's tempo without any issues. However if you have a continouus tempo change, it might be possible that there will be some minor tempo inconsistencies based on the way that the DAW sends the tempo updates to the plugins (it may vary between DAWs).

    2. We've added this feature with the latest 1.3.0 update, so you can set a playback ratio for each track as described here: If you want to change all tracks at once, make sure to select all tracks before you change the playback ratio.

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