Reinstalling PercX is a nightmare

  • I had to reinstall Windows 10 and all my music software again. When looking at PercX I decided to download all of the zip files to make it easier. Afer the install I unzipped all the 4 files after the core kits were installed and it said it installed and authorized them. When I fired up PercX it said it was missing I uninstalled and decided to do it all by download. The only way to get through the 91 file download was to babysit the computer as every 10 or so downloads as the process would stop so I had to pause a file and resume to get it to continue. There must be a better way. Oh and it's not fun to see they mow have added a new Raw Drum kit that wasn't included when you bought your software.

  • Dear @Markusb111

    Oh! Apologies for this bumpy experience.

    When you click on the Account Icon in the STORE you can find the "Validate Sample Data" and "Repair Kits" options. Normally these should fix any issues with missing samples or corrupted kits.

    For the interrupted file downloads: I guess this must've had something to do with an interrupted internet connection or package loss. The files on the server are up and running. Odd, that the download stopped working!..

    I hope that now everything is in order and running. Please let me know if I can help you with any issues!

    Best regards,

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