Please Add Sample/Loop Exporting as Audio.

  • I'm new to PercX but I like the functionality and the sounds are pretty good too. A lot of great features to use and generate ideas really quickly. However the immediate feature that I haven't found is the ability to drag and drop the loop/sample to the DAW (Pro Tools for me) directly. Please correct me if I'm wrong but this feature is not available correct?


  • @gregsn13 I too would like to request this. You can do this in XLN Audio's XO drum machine.

    Something else that would be helpful would be to be able to drag out the generate MIDI pattern for each lane as well in case we want to swap out the sample or layer with one of our own samples.

  • Dear @gregsn13 & @itsbrex.

    Behind the scenes the samples in PercX are arranged in a multi-sample fashion. (thats why you can scale through the velocities with the Dynamics Knob and play them dynamically in ManualMode. The drag-samples-out approach is therefore far better covered by plugins that focus on single-shot sample libraries.

    -> drag out the generate MIDI pattern:
    Thats possible!
    When you go to the Edit Tab and activate Drag functionality you can select a specific track and drag its pattern it into your DAW with the right one of the handlers. You can see a little "Manual Mode" Icon on the dragger if its draggable as MIDI Pattern. (The Play icon represents a single long MIDI "playback" note)

    Please let me know if you have any further questions!


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