Raw Kits: not able to load 'Boulder' kit

  • Hello, I was able to download and get most of the new Raw Kits to work; however, I cannot load the Boulder kit. The preview plays fine, but it will not load into the Player.

  • Dear @beej65

    Hmm, curious that Boulder is misbehaving..

    Perhaps there was some problem in the extraction process and it will work when you close and reopen PercX again? (Try this out in the standalone mode)

    If it still doesn't, close Percx and go to the Appdata folder and delete the "Boulder" folder., When you open PercX again, and hit SYNC is should recognize the missing collection and attempt to re-download again. If there are any errors popping up along the way you can click the Account icon inside the STORE Tab an click "Repair kits" and "Validate sample data" to fix this issues.

    (Win: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Auddict\PercX..)
    (macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Auddict/PercX/..)

    Please let me know if this fixes your issue and if I can help you out further,

    Best regards,

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