Record more than 8 bars?

  • Hey folks,

    I bought your software PercX and first of all I have to praise the great interface and handling.
    However, I have a bigger problem and could not find a solution so far. How can I record PercX samples longer than 8 bars? E.g. I load the Angel Pack, go into Edit Mode and record the sample in the desired variant, but after the end of the sample track the marker just keeps running and it stays silent, I just maybe act too stupid. I can change bars and time in Edit Mode but the midi notes always stay within the 8 bars.

    What should I set in PercX when I load the Angel pack, record mode on, DAW record on, then push lower C key and it should be record for 1 minute?

    Best regards

  • Hi,

    I've just checked but it works as intended:

    1. Load the Angel Kit
    2. Go to the edit page, select all tracks (the [ALL] button is helpful there), then press the New Pattern icon.
    3. Change the bar length to 16
    4. Enter record mode, press the lower C and record notes over the full 16 bars.
    5. If you stop recording, it should playback the entire range from bar 1 to 16.

  • Thanks for the answer.

    So the new pattern button is the button on my screenshot with the green arrow on it? Then all notes are gone and I have to play it in completely by myself. I would like to extend the sample to 16 bars!


  • Dear, @maikwhat

    On the top of the Tab you can see the Bars. There is a little + and - besides it. Here you can increase the bars to 16. You don't have to wipe everything with new pattern if you dont want to, just if you want to start completely from scratch

    All bst,

  • Thanks, yes I have already figured it all out, I finally figured out that I can copy the tracks with the Alt key......phew. That was my original question ^^

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