Tempo sync problems

  • Hello,

    every time I open a logic project the pace is wrong. Sync to host is always selected, e.g. 120 bpm. When you open it again, the original tempo is active 112bpm. I have that on all tracks with Perc. X. I've got the latest version installed. What could it be ?

    Regards Marc

  • Hi,

    so the problem is that if you save an Logic project with "unsynced" tempos, it will not store these tempos on project load? If this is the case, please double check that you're on 1.1.0 because I've explicitely fixed that issue there.

    You can check the version here:


  • @Christoph-Hart

    thanks for your fast reply, yes I'm on 1.1.0.

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  • Hi,

    ...will there be a fix soon? Does anybody got the same probs in Logic 10.4.8?

  • @muddyblue

    I'm not sure what you mean? And based on Christoph's reply, I'm even more confused. He thinks you're saving a project with "unsynced" (or to me... multiple) tempos?

    Are you saying that no matter what tempo your project is in... PercX always loads a default 120 bpm tempo? Because if that's what's happening to you, I can tell you... that is NOT happening to me. Whatever I save in Project files always loads the same tempo as saved. BTW... I'm on Logic Pro 10.4.5 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

  • @AKMusic
    Ok. I try to explain. I've got a song (120 BPM....happends on other songs too) and save the project with percx synced to 120 BPM (dot sync to host - is there), and save the project. Then I close the session and restart it...and then its unsynced again, dot is also missing, percx shows 112 bmp again? Why? It is the newest version.

  • Sorry for no replies... I feel bad for you that Auddict abandoned you.
    In the second image (the one with 112 bpm) can you right-click to determine if PercX saved the tempo info as "Sync to Host" or possibly it's defaulting to Mix A or Mix B. Also... check to see if Mix A and Mix B are synced to 120. Maybe one of those is synced to 112 (but it shouldn't save 112 bpm)???

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