Can I export the MIDI to my DAW?

  • Can I export the MIDI to my DAW?

    Let's just say I've loaded up PercX's "Cracky Djuns" kit. Can I export the ENTIRE MIDI performance for that kit?
    Not just the individual tracks?

    I like exporting individual tracks too but the entire MIDI kit would also be a nice export feature so I could use the same kit rhythms and apply them universally to another sample library, like an LA Modern Percussion kit or a Strikeforce kit... or a stemmed out Damage kit.

    Just wondering...

    Thanks. - Andy

  • Not just yet, however this is a highly requested feature, and we are seriously considering implementation

  • @Dorian-Marko Just another HUGE bump for this feature. It’s almost unusable during composition stages alongside other tracks in my DAW since it also cannot sync playback start/stop with the host DAW. That is the bigger need IMHO, but at least dragging in PercX MIDI to the DAW would be a start.

  • Would liek to also request MIDI export.

    To be able to drag out the generated MIDI pattern for each lane, in addition to the whole loop, would be great.

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