Can we load our OWN samples or loops?

  • Can we import our OWN (wave) samples or loops?
    Even via some convoluted method?

    Or is there a developer SDK or something to do so?

  • Hi there,

    Unfortunately at this stage there is no way to load your own samples in. The reason for this is that PercX's engine is quite sophisticated (transient aware etc), and therefore requires the material to be prepared very carefully in a way that isn't so friendly to the every-day user. Rest assured that the catalogue of material available is huge and we are already working on two expansions. Admittedly they are delayed due to the COVID19 lockdowns, however we have figured out a way to do all this remotely and production is slowly getting back to efficient levels 🙂
    We are also planning to open a section on this forum where you can actual request types of percussion for further expansions, if this is something that interests you!

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