Be aware of it, black screen when using PercX in Cubase

  • Hi, I have a computer with Windows 10 out of the box (64bit) on it, and Cubase 10 (64 bit). I purchased, downloaded and installed PercX. Then I added a instrument track in Cubase for PercX64 and all I got was BLACK EMPTY WINDOW. I didn´t get what is wrong and I reinstalled PercX but did not help.

    Then I started PercX as standalone application and there I could see PercX as expected, the nice GUI of PercX.

    I still did not understand why the VST window for PercX in Cubase was just empty and black since I have many installed VST instrument and I never experienced any issues in Cubase 10.

    Then I opened the Standalone version of PercX outside Cubase and opened the Settings dialog and I can see a field "OpenGL" to use it or not and by default it is using OpenGL. I disabled Open GL and happy me now PercX appears totally correct in Cubase 10 and works just fine.

    I think you should be aware of it since my first impression was "oh no, what kind of vst did I buy there, only black screen and it is not working". It works now but I was almost about to give up because I have a normal Windows 10 as many others too and Cubase 10 64 bit and with default OpenGL setting enabled there only come black empty VST windows when you add PercX.

    Standalone version it does not matter if OpenGL in the Settings dialog is enabled or not, that just works but if OpenGL is enabled and you want to use the VST version of PercX in Cubase it will fail when OpenGL use is enabled

  • @mjpuchta
    How have you found it in Cubase, not bought it yet. I can’t get my head around how you lay the drums down in a song?

  • @Hallow I don´t know what you mean. When you are using Cubase you add an Instrument track, then you select PercX64 and the PercX appears. Then you play the Instrument/drums and when you hit Record in Cubase it will record what you play in PercX. Not sure what your problem is?

  • not in my case standalone still has black screen. Trying to run it on my slave machine but I guess I have to run it on my main DAW. Slave machine is server PC.

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