PercX Record function does not loop

  • PercX Edit window problem

    I am experiencing problems in the Edit window

    Record function does not loop. It stops after the first iteration

    1. I press record and it turns red
    2. I hold a “non record” key down and the loop cursor starts moving. The metronome starts ticking
    3. No matter how long I hold the “non record” loop key down, the loop always stops after the first time. This true whether I play during the loop or stay silent

  • Confirmed. Yeah you are right, the recording stops when reaching the end of the loop range. I guess this is due to some internal engine issues..
    For me it works with recording the first 4 bars, and then copy&pasting (Select, click, press ALT and drag) it to the end.


  • Thank-you! I believe they told me a few weeks ago that function was not currently implemented
    " order to limit the scope and possible bugs we've deactivated the looped recording mode so that it stops when it reaches the end."""

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