• Loving this app, BUT... when editing midi, I don't see any option to undo, only revert back to original pattern (which also reverted my variation 1, even though I had variation 2 selected... argh). Also worth noting... I was trying to delete midi notes by hitting the delete key as. the documentation stated but it would exit me out to the main page... couldn't figure it out until I tried my 2nd delete key (I have an extended keyboard) which then worked properly and deleted the midi note... just a heads up on that one!

    If anyone knows about undo functionality please let me know, thanks!!

  • Dear rwear,

    The global undo also works for the EDIT page.. you probably have to click the "three dots" again, to see them. The shortcut [CTRL-Z] should also work.


    btw: you can also delete midi notes via "E" (for erase)


  • @do Will check those out... thanks for the reply!!

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